Lincoln Military Housing

All officers and enlisted personnel with PCS orders to San Diego, California, and accompanying dependents are eligible to apply!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO HELP SLOW THE SPREAD OF COVID-19: Apply for PPV Homes through email with required documents to

*Please note that the current time for the Navy to process an application is 3-5 business days from the time the application has been received. Please add to your email subject line: SVM last name, SVM first name. 

If you do not receive an automated response from the Navy Housing Office within 1-2 days of submitting the assessment package, please contact Lincoln Military Housing at 619-556-7667.

If you would like to apply in person, our doors are open! You are able to apply in person at the Housing Service Center, 2625 Le Hardy Street, Building 3544, San Diego, CA 92136. The Housing Service Center hours are Monday through Friday 0800 – 1630, last application is accepted at 3:30PM, closed weekends and holidays. Driving Directions to Housing Service Center. If you come into our office: face coverings, temperature checks, and all documents are required.

Officer personnel:

Please note, designated officer housing and the wait times fluctuate significantly from site to site. Immediate housing for officers is rare. All Officer personnel are eligible for three bedroom homes regardless of their family size but may choose to apply for two bedroom homes at NAS North Island or Miramar Townhomes if their family size permits.

Enlisted personnel:

We have immediate housing at several of our enlisted housing sites, and we offer many incentives to reduce the stress of moving. We encourage door to door moves, and we do everything possible to provide you with an address before your arrival.

Current Availability-Hot Sheet

There is immediate availability for military family homes. To view a list of immediately available communities, please click on this link.

Qualification for Military Family Housing

Active Duty: Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, & Coast Guard members with PCS orders to San Diego, California are eligible.

To apply, you are required to have the following:

  1. Application for Assignment to Housing Package (download).
  2. A copy of orders showing you are stationed in San Diego.
  3. Certification of bona fide family members. Navy Personnel must provide their Page 2 (usually 3-4 pages) or DD 1172-2 with Digital Signatures in Section III from Authorized Officials. USMC Personnel must provide their NAVMC 10922/RED or DD 1172-2 with Digital Signatures in Section III from Authorized Officials. USA and USAF Personnel must provide their DD 1172-2 with Digital Signatures in Section III from Authorized Officials.

Coast Guard applicants must apply through Abbigail McCracken and
Phone: 619-278-7218 Fax: 619-278-7221 Email: Email: 

Qualifying Service Members that are stationed in San Diego or have orders coming to San Diego
Applications may be submitted by email.

Submit the Housing Application Package, orders, and dependency paperwork via email to both point of contacts as a PDF(no other formats will be accepted). Email application to email:

Wait List Information

Current Estimated Officer Wait Times

Current Enlisted Wait Times

If the immediately available homes do not fit your family’s needs, your name can be placed on a waiting list based on your bedroom and pay grade eligibility. Please note: Families with pets, often are put on wait lists due to the popularity of our pet properties located within San Diego, CA.

Personnel who are PCS-ing to San Diego, California that choose a housing community with a waiting list will be placed on the waiting list with a temporary application effective date.

Advanced Application Effective Dates

How is the application effective date determined?

Your application effective date is the date you detach from your last accompanied duty station. If you have not detached yet, a temporary date is assigned. This temporary date is based on what the PCS orders reflect as the detaching month and year. The last day of the month will be used as the application effective date until the loss/gain sheet, or PCS detachment has occurred.

How does the effective application date get modified?

Service members will need to provide their detaching endorsement to modify the date.

When can the date be modified?

The date can be modified as soon as the documentation has been provided. Service members will have 30 days from their report date to provide the documentation to modify the application effective date. After 30 days, the last date of the month will still secure placement on the waiting list you have identified.

Contact Information:

Application Status and Eligibility Questions
Housing Service Center email: or call 619-556-8443, DSN 526-8443

Housing Availability and Housing Community Questions
Lincoln Military Housing email: or call (858) 300-7493, DSN 526-7667

Application Forms

Complete Application Packet