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Search the map by military installation to view floorplans and photo galleries of available military housing rentals. For questions, our military housing professionals are always ready to provide assistance and support.

Choosing Lincoln Military Housing

Lincoln Military Housing is committed to making your military home a place of comfort and welcome activity. Many of our family-friendly communities are lined with bike paths, walking trails, and parks for families to enjoy at their leisure. (View all military housing benefits.)

We’ve designed this military rental website to give families a brief overview of life on base per installation, in addition to details about on and off base housing, to assist in mapping out their new home. When browsing our website, you will find highlights of each installation area and tips for what to expect during the moving experience.

We uphold a strong reputation of excellence and work hard to deliver the best, customized experience for military rental homes for our service men and women and their families. We maintain a partnership with the Department of Defense and rise to the high standards our military families deserve and should come to expect from Lincoln Military Housing.