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Located in western Nevada, 70 miles east of Reno, the landscape of Fallon consists mostly of farmland, marshy waterfowl areas and vast expanses of desert alkali flats interrupted by dramatic mountain ranges. The climate is typically warm during the summers, with temperatures in the high 90s, and cold during winter, with temperatures averaging in the 30s.

Lincoln Military Housing offers 219 homes within three communities serving the Naval Air Station at Fallon.

For the outdoor enthusiast, there's a lot to do and experience, as the area boasts many nearby lakes and reservoirs, ranging from small fish ponds to larger destinations, such as Pyramid Lake and the popular Lake Tahoe. Local recreation includes fishing, boating, snow skiing, waterskiing, golf, and gambling in nearby casinos. In addition, a series of shallow lakes attract an impressive population of migratory birds, including tundra swans, geese, American white pelicans, bald eagles, and other waterfowl, with marsh birds and shorebirds best enjoyed at the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge.

The bustling town of Reno, only an hour drive from Fallon, offers numerous opportunities for entertainment. Each year, the city hosts such popular festivals as Artown—a month-long celebration of visual arts, the world-renowned Burning Man Festival (120 miles north of Reno), and the Great Reno Balloon Race. Other diversions include ample shopping, dining, and live entertainment.