Lincoln Military Housing

Becoming Our Vendor Partner

Lincoln Military Housing is a property management company that hires contractors to perform certain maintenance and repairs as well as provide parts and supplies for residential housing upkeep. We also support the administration of the housing function and support the quality of life of residents in our communities. Therefore, we challenge all our vendor partners to understand our resident’s particular needs and be aware that the vendor is a partner in supporting our military families and ultimately those who serve America.

Before Proceeding

  1. We are not a Government Entity or a Federal Government Contractor and have no special Federal Acquisition Requirements for our vendor partners.
  2. All homes are occupied by military families and may be located on a military installation or may be in a residential community. Consider whether or not you will be able to pass certain security requirements for base access.
  3. We have strict Vendor Insurance Requirements and use a monitoring company to ensure the proper insurance is in place. You will need to agree to those requirements.
  4. We look for qualified Small and Disadvantaged Businesses when possible. Please indicate if you apply under that qualification.

Our Procedure:

If you do business in the geographic area of any property on this website, we first encourage you to contact an on-site District Manager and present your product or service. This is the most common and successful method to introduce you to Lincoln.

If you wish, you may call a Regional General Management Office (“GMO”) and ask to speak with a Regional Property Manager or Regional Maintenance Director.

Finally, you may submit written correspondence by fax or mail addressed to a Regional General Management Office.

Upon approval of the Regional Property Manager or the Regional Maintenance Director, you will be provided with a link to the Lincoln Vendor Registry. At that time you will be instructed on how to fulfill the following requirements:

  • – Provide vendor contact information
  • – Agree to the Vendor Insurance Requirements
  • – Print, sign and fax IRS Form W9
  • – Provide certificates of insurance