Lincoln Military Housing

Throughout June, over 90 families living with Lincoln Military Housing submitted photos, hand-written letters, and videos telling the world why their dad is their hero.  

The “My Dad, My Hero” campaign provided a platform for our military children to pay special tribute to their fathers in a personal way. 

“It is important as a community that we highlight and celebrate our military children and their fathers. Whether their father is deployed or supporting a spouse in the military, they all provide a great service to our country. Our goal was to honor them through a story told by their very own children.” said Ashley Gorski Poole, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Lincoln Military Housing. 

Lincoln Military Housing wants to recognize the children for their efforts and show appreciation for the military dads. Along with a personal letter from the company’s Co-CEO’s, each child will receive, a “My Dad, My Hero” challenge coin as a token of appreciation to serve as a reminder that Lincoln Military Housing agrees, their dads are Heroes. 

Challenge coins are a long-standing tradition in the military culture and build lasting bonds between people who receive them and represent unity. They represent an organization or team and are typically provided by a commander or leader in recognition of achievement or special event. They are a terrific way to extend one’s appreciation by saying “thank you”. Lincoln hopes that those that receive challenge coins feel a sense of pride and belonging. 

As we honored military dads on Father’s Day, we are reminded of the privilege we have in providing homes to these exceptional veterans and their families.  

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