Lincoln Military Housing

There are various military housing benefits that military members and their families can enjoy unlike with civilian housing. Cost, rental arrangements and military family events are among the key benefits.

At Lincoln Military Housing, our history of welcoming military families into an ideal setting with a comfortable home environment has been the key to our organization for over 50 years. We strive to provide military families with convenience, comfort and community. It is our goal to ensure you are receiving the best quality of service at all times during your residency with us.

Basic Allowance for Housing

Utilities and Personal Property Contents Coverage Included

Your rental costs can be conveniently paid through the allotment system and includes up to $10,000 in Personal Property Contents Coverage and all of the amenities and services of the community. Gas, water, and average electricity usage is also included in your rent. Excess electricity charges may be incurred through the DoD’s RECP program. Please visit to learn more about this initiative. *Personal Property Contents Coverage may vary based on location.

No Credit Checks or Deposits

No Credit Checks or Deposits

There are no credit checks or deposits required to live in military housing.

Personal and Community Amenities

Community Events and Amenities

You are provided with free 24-hour maintenance, children and family events, and where offered; roadside assistance, courtesy patrols, free Internet, household alarm systems, recreation centers, gyms, pools and other community amenities.