Lincoln Military Housing

Lincoln Military Housing is committed to our military families, and we go above and beyond to ensure they feel connected and supported within our communities. When it comes to military family housing, the quality and preservation of military family life fits within the mission of what our organization stands behind and works diligently to uphold.

Family Programs & Events

We offer a variety of ongoing fleet and family services, community events, and activities. Families can choose which peak their interest and best fits their lifestyle and schedules. It’s important for us to host events which prove truly beneficial to the community. Therefore, we welcome feedback and suggestions from family members for future ideas and possibilities.

Our military family housing residents can log-in anytime and see upcoming programs and events. Each activity is planned to enhance military family life, encourage friendships among neighbors, and engage the community.

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Family Housing & Relocation

We want to make the adjustment to a new city or community a little easier on families after a military relocation. We have snapshot descriptions of the military family housing we offer. Service members and their families can get a sense of their surroundings before making their official move.

Our installation overviews highlight the major attractions and benefits to each city, but we encourage everyone to explore the area and the surrounding neighborhoods at their own leisure. Our staff is happy to provide any tips, suggestions, and ideas for military families.

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One of the goals of Lincoln Military Housing is to make the moving transition as seamless as possible as families integrate within our military family housing communities. We offer benefits not typically available with civilian rental arrangements, in order to meet specific needs and honor military family life. We want our residents to feel comfortable in their new homes and further promote quality time spent with each other.

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Basic Allowance for Housing

Average Utility Usage Included*

Your rental costs can be conveniently paid through the allotment system and includes all of the amenities and services of the community. Gas, water, and average electricity usage is also included in your rent. Excess electricity charges may be incurred through the DoD’s RECP program. Please visit to learn more about this initiative.

No Credit Checks or Deposits

No Credit Checks or Deposits

There are no credit checks or deposits required to live in military housing.

Personal and Community Amenities

Community Events and Amenities

You are provided with free 24-hour maintenance, children and family events, and where offered; roadside assistance, courtesy patrols, free Internet, household alarm systems, recreation centers, gyms, pools and other community amenities.

* Credit checks, deposits, community events, and other amenities may vary based on location.